Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1988, she studied in the Aristotle University (Degree in Music Theory, Piano), National Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome (Postgraduate Degree, 2014-2016). Since 2017 she has taken courses on Electroacoustic Music Composition in the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Boulogne-Billancourt, in Paris. She has been selected from IRCAM for the ‘’Cursus de composition et d’ informatique musicale (2019-20)”, in Paris. She has also got involved in the field of traditional music (oud and ney courses, folk singing and improvisation - participation in the “Music Village” and “Labyrinth”, Greece). Among her other compositions, she made the score for Evangelia Kranioti's film “Obscuro Barroco” (Teddy Award, Berlin International Film Festival, 2018). She has participated in Biennale of Venice with a Chamber Opera at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale (2018). In "Binome", she applied contemporary music techniques to traditional/world songs  arranged for clarinet and voice.



SONGBOOK, contains a traditional irish folk song in two different covers and seven others on poetry by William Butler Yeats, William Ernest Henley and lyrics by Susanne Wieser & Vasilis Athanasiadis.
PARTICIPATED: Kostas Kakouris (piano, organ), Anastasis Grivas (loops, electronics), Stavros Parginos (cello, lute), Nicoleta Chatzopoulou (viola da gamba), Michalis Kavadias (el. guitar, el. bass), Susanne Wieser, Lito Messini, Katerina Papachristou, Nikos Saligaros (vocals)

1.Black is the color-Nikos Saligaros(vocals), 2.Reh Na Hoh-Susanne Wieser (vocals), 3.Longing- Katerina Papachristou(vocals), 4. Invictus-Susanne Wieser (vocals)
5. A Fire Long Dead-Katerina Papachristou(vocals), 6. Wer Wandert-Susanne Wieser (vocals), 7. Pale Dream (for Nico)-Susanne Wieser (vocals), 8. Loss-Lito Messini (vocals) + Longing (alternative version - Vasilis Athanasiadis)
Recording sessions were made between May 2015 and July 2017
Recording, mixing, mastering by Vangelis Fampas in ΑΚΡΟΝ STUDIO. Artwork by Maria Platia. Front cover painting by Amelie Bolofi. The painting was inspired by a photo titled
Toscana, 1965,by Gianni Berengo Gardin.


''StringLESS'' is a vocal group of five women singers of Bulgarian, Albanian and Greek origin. The name StringLESS is a word pun on the English word meaning ''without strings'' and the Greek onomatopoeic word meaning ''shrews'', mythical creatures of the Greek folk tradition. The repertoire is based on Greek folk songs from Epirus, Pontus, and Macedonia, on the early urban tradition of Smyrna -the so called retro songs of 30's- and the rembetiko of Piraeus. Along these lines, our repertoire includes songs stemming from the Balkan, Gaelic, Cuban, Gospel and Corse tradition, all orchestrated in a polyphonic mode. The group’s objective is a polyphonic orchestration, even when in comes to inherently non-polyphonic songs. All orchestrations are devised by the group, transforming a well-known song into a totally new and diverse music proposal, or transcribing the sound of musical instruments into a sound produced by the human body, as if it were a wind or percussion instrument.

LAKIS TZIMKAS TRIO featuring MARK WHITFIELD: The Meeting [OUT 004] CD 2017]

Lakis Tzimka’s new personal cd is the result of his collaboration with Mark Whitfield, one of the most important and influential jazz musicians in the 90’s. The trio is Mark Whitfield on guitar, Lakis Tzimkas on double bass and Christos Yermenoglou on drums. All the compositions, three of which are for solo double bass, were written for the trio by Lakis Tzimkas. It is a blend of mainstream and modern jazz with influences from jazz greats, such as Wes Montgomery, Wayne Shorter, Pat Martino and Charles Mingus.